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Sun Orchard Unpasteurized, Orange Juice 1999

The Food and Drug Administration issued a nationwide warning to consumers against drinking unpasteurized orange juice products, both frozen and liquid, that were distributed under a variety of names by Sun Orchard, Inc. The outbreak was discovered after public health officials in Washington and Oregon investigated clusters of diarrheal illness attributed to Salmonella Muenchen. Eventually cases were known in sixteen states and three Canadian provinces. Salmonella Muenchen was isolated in unopened containers of Sun Orchard orange juice. Four additional serotypes of Salmonella were also found. Juice had been implicated in outbreaks previously. This outbreak was at the time the second, and the largest, outbreak associated with unpasteurized orange juice. The acidic nature of orange juice had previously been believed to inhibit bacterial growth and protect against foodborne illness. Outbreaks like this one proved otherwise. In 1998, the FDA required warning labels on unpasteurized juices, however Sun Orchard was one of several producers that had been exempted from the requirement because of the company's use of an alternative inactivation procedure. Orange juice squeezed in Mexico was trucked to the Sun Orchard plant in Arizona. From there it was mixed with orange juice from Arizona and then packaged for distribution. Salmonella Muenchen was isolated from orange juice in a Mexican tanker truck and from juice holding tanks in Arizona.

  • Outbreak began:
  • June 1999
  • Affected Country:
  • International
  • Affected States/Territories:
  • California, Arizona, Minnesota, Oregon, Utah
  • Organism(s):
  • Salmonella
  • Vehicle(s):
  • Fruit Beverage, Juice, Orange
  • Molecular Results Available:
  • Yes
  • Test Results:
  • Unknown
  • Location(s):
  • Many
  • Brand Name(s):
  • Sysco, Sun Orchard, Aloha, Earls and Joeys, Markon, Tomato's, Trader Joe's , Voila, Zupan
  • Total ill:
  • 360
  • Number ill by Case Definition Known:
  • Unknown
  • Number Laboratory Confirmed Cases:
  • N/A
  • Number Probable Cases:
  • N/A
  • Number Possible Cases:
  • N/A
  • Anyone Hospitalized:
  • Yes
  • Number Hospitalized:
  • 40
  • Any Deaths:
  • Yes
  • Number Dead:
  • 1

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